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Written by Felipe Ehrenberg   



Pedro Meyer ©  2004


It is not easy to say something about a man that was a younger brother, a major accomplice and an unreserved friend. He was also a great still photographer and cinematographer, a soundman, and documentarist. In other words, he was a devoted filmmaker with a great vocation. Parts of his legacy are documentaries such as "Doña Herlinda y su hijo" (Dona Herlinda and her Son), "México plural" (Plural Mexico), "Tango es historia" (Tango is History)... all of them memorable films.


He even was an actor, playing the role of the rebellious Captain Marti in the film “Salvador” by Oliver Stone, yet in real life he was an obsessive, uncompromising activist. Atheltic and good-looking, he suffered an intracerebral hemorrhage that turned him into a hemiplegic (he was the one that coined the term “person with special challenges”). He became a major audiovisual storyteller. As a documentalist, he left his mark, he wrote: “I am interested in documenting other people’s stories. After all, the most extraordinary thing for me has always been the human condition.” His condition, the condition of my brother, was always an example of endearing tenacity.


A cousin of mine, described Miguel’s birthday at the hospital, a day before he died: “I heared the party at his room in the hospital was lovely and joyful”. Miguel was born a day before his death, 54 years later.


Felipe Ehrenberg










Comments (4)
  • Anonymous  - Siempre
    Nice Fernando.

    Yes Mike was a great man and one id my best friends in life. He will never be forgotten.
    Siempre mi Hermano.

    Vancouver B C Canada
  • Garau Fernando  - Uomo straordinario
    I've met Miguel in 2003/4 at Piña Palmera. We spent few days together. When he left I gave me his phone number saying to me: if you come to Mexico City,call me. That's what I did. I welcome me at his house. For the following two weeks he treated me as a son. There aren't words to tell what a great man he was. I'll miss you Miguel. Fernando
  • Dirk Gidney  - My website for Felipe from Dirk
  • Dirk Gidney  - Miguels Tribute
    Just noticed this first time today. Very nice. Than you Filipe. We miss our Mexican brother!
    dirk.gidney on facebook
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