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National Highway


The Acapulco-Zihuatanejo National Highway has been a symbolic place in my life for various reasons. A day before I enrolled at the university to study medicine, I was driving along it when an accident took place right in front of me. I was paralyzed by the horror of the scene and decided to study economics instead; I felt I couldn't ever face the sight of wounded bodies again. It is connected to some of my most vivid and exciting memories. When I was a little girl, I used to go along part of it on the way to school and at weekends, I use to drive along the length of it from Acapulco to Zihuatanejo. What I found on the journey were not simply places you pass by, as they were for most people and instead the most valuable part of the journey-an outdoor, linear museum. Years later, driven by curiosity, I went back to the road to explore what I had seen from the family car.


I began my exploration in the town where I grew up, San Jeronimito, the starting point for all my trips. I went back to all the places I was forbidden to see as a girl yet which I found fascinating, such as the part of the town that had flooded in the 1950s or the rubbish dump next to the highway. The same thing happened with people. I looked for the teacher who intrigued me because he wore the same suit every day and the woman who kept her daughter locked in a cell because she was "possessed by the devil" and used to decorate her house with toys; I gradually photographed each of them. Then I visited all the towns I had seen on my trips, which I had never visited on foot until now. As I explored them, I saw myself in both the past and the present. It is quite clear to me that memory does not reproduce things. It works a little like the imagination, because sometimes my recollections did not coincide with my current impressions. During my wanderings, I also ran into new people and looked for others I had been told about. I was not mistaken. A person with a fascinating life story ends up reflecting it in the construction of his or her personal image and intimate spaces.


These images are traces of a journey I undertake almost as a personal performance that links me in a new manner to this place. They are the creation of a representation that symbolizes my intrusion. I unintentionally used places and characters to create my personal imaginary. I delved into the present as a means of giving life to something that no longer exists through representation and as a way of momentarily recovering the past.


Melba Arellano


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Comments (8)
  • Chena San Martín
    Wow, qué colores, qué belleza, tanta simpleza que se torna mágicamente atípico. Gracias por compartirnos
  • Daniel Espinoza  - Gran serie
    Hola Melba. Tu trabajo es excelente, tus composiciones son sumamente expresivas y a su vez elegantemente simples. Muchas felicidades, queremos ver mas trabajos tuyos. Saludos.
  • Edith Alvarado
    el manejo de luz y la armonía de los colores, reflejan un lugar magico, estoy de acuerdo contigo, los lugares más magnificos son aquellos donde recorriste parte de tu vida, esos caminos por lo cuales vagaste como cual niño pequeño sin rumbo fijo, ese momento instantáneo de placer que conlleva a una fotografía y sobre todo el resultado de ellas, lo puedo apreciar en éste trabajo, muchas felicidades.
  • Ana Durán Penabad  - Genial serie!!!
    Estupendo trabajo!!!!
  • Juan Pablo Cardona  - Deleite
    Hola, las escenas y los entornos son obra maestra de la gran artista llamada realidad, lo que me encanta es tu agudeza y sobretodo el encanto de luz que usas en cada una.
  • delon  - mmmmmmmhh
    que pena qu tenga final!!!
  • Richard alvarado
    Este relato visual no puede prescindir de la palabra emotiva, evocadora del texto que sirve como acotación . Son palabras que dibujan el tiempo, tus angustias , develan los rostros, los vericuetos de las gavetas del alma y sirven como abreboca a las imágenes .Agradecido por haber visto con tus ojos, agradecido por un trabajo honesto, directo, humano.
  • arturo vera  - Hola-Fotos
    Melba me encantaron tus fotos, muy lindas, estética bien definida, elegantes y armoniosas. Felicidades.
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