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Don´t Wake Me
Beso Uznadze
This series of photographs covers a particularly difficult period of my life. It begins in August 2008 with the outbreak...
Crossfire by Shahidul Alam
Shahidul Alam
Drik Picture Library was forcibly closed down by the police today to prevent the launch of Pathshala, South Asian Media...
Rebecca Martínez
Babies create strong emotions for the bearer, holder, and observer. I have discovered this holds true even when it...
Sunshine and Noir
Thomas Alleman
I believe this body of work begins to address all those questions, and answers the final with some conviction: this...
Real World by Seung Woo Back
Seung Woo Back
This book brings together two different projects by Seung Woo Back. Real World is a set of photographs made in...
Dance of the Photograph & History
Zeynep Orhon Targaç
30 glass plate negatives; I have chosen for the project namely “Dance of Photograph & History were taken between the...
HAITI: Between Death and Life
Peter Turnley
Then we witness tragedies as devastating as the current crisis that has unfolded in Haiti, it is easy to lose...
Book of Taboo / Postman
The physical outward world is more and more complicated and chaotic. In such a ridiculous age shaped by plastic values,...
Ananke Asseff
Potential One of the most effective means to exercise control of populations in contemporary capitalism is the production of fear.
96 Pigeon House Road
Don Healy
96 Pigeon House Road This project is about the humanity that exists amongst Rosie Maughan, her family and the traveling community...
Pedro Meyer
More than a retrospective, Heresies offers a prospective vision. Its horizons are not in the past, but rather the future....
The Gaze of 45 Mexican Photographers
More than a retrospective, Heresies offers a prospective vision. Its horizons are not in the past, but rather the future....
Digital Bouquet
Cisco Dietz
The images presented here are from a continuing series of digitally scanned flowers from the gardens of Cisco. Cisco began...
Jason Horowitz
Jason Horowitz's provocative large-scale photographs have stopped people in their tracks in DC, Miami, New York, and Portland. Working at...
James Henkel
Drawing is often at the heart of these photographs, though the materials are not usual. The SPILLS pictures use milk,...
Landscapes: remixed
Georg Küttinger
The pictures assembled from single photos tell a tale and describe not only the landscapes they represent in a densified...
Still Life
Perian Flaherty
I In the beginning, I imagined an alphabet of bones. Only to begin another journey, since bones are often still clothed in...
Lisa M. Robinson
For the past five years, I have been making photographs in the snow and ice. I am interested in metaphor,...
The Other City
Iatã Cannabrava
The Other City. The images presented were produced between the years 2000 and 2008 in the photographer´s walks through the outskirts...
Improbable Dreams
Tom Chambers
Through photomontage I present unspoken stories which illustrate fleeting moments in time and which are intended to evoke a mood...
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