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A New Kind of Beauty
Phillip Toledano
I’m interested in what we define as beauty, when we choose to create it ourselves. Beauty has always been a...
Prince Edward Island
Rob MacInnis
My panorama, Prince Edward Island, is constructed using hundred of photographs of farm animals taken in Prince Edward Island in...
Reconstructed Memories
Liz Steketee
Reconstructed Memories is a unique print series that uses my personal family photographs to rewrite history from my vantage point. By...
The Jackson Twins
The Jackson Twins
Our work pays particular focus to 'The Twin', what it is to be an identical being - to in essence,...
Girl Friend
Joy Goldkind
The Girl Friend ‘s series began in the year 2000 and continues today. What started as a joke and a...
A retrospective Gerardo Nigenda
Gerardo Nigenda
Gerardo Nigenda approached photography in the late 1990s out of curiosity, as happens with most photographers, and as a result...
Behind The Scenes With Fan Bing Bing
Rian Dundon
This project looks at the culture of fame and celebrity in China from within the context of that country’s blossoming...
Hugo's Struggle
José Enrique Sternberg
I met Hugo Cardoso in 2008 through a popular Argentinean TV program (a sort of reality show) in Buenos Aires,...
Caliber 45
Nazareno Vidales
I spent a year touring the areas where male prostitution takes place in Ciudad Trincheras, Mexico. I began my...
The Room
Max Fund
In order to produce the series called “The Room,” I used a photograph of one of the rooms in my...
Jack Welpott, a hommage
Jack Welpott
Jack Welpott’s down home persona was as illusive as his poetic photographs. However, beneath this image there was an...
Space / Time
Brittany Nelson
The following images are an exploration of the material properties of the Polaroid emulsion lift process. Often times used...
The Gender Frontier
Mariette Pathy Allen
I have found photographing, writing, and participating in the lives of people on the crossroads of gender identity to be...
Veronika Marquez
Camilla, while still an adolescent, travelled the globe working in what some refer to as “the world’s oldest profession”. ...
Niño Fidencio | Pedro Valtierra
Pedro Valtierra
Who knows what you would think today, Fidencio? Who knows how you would move around all the people that remember...
Odd Days by Simona Ghizzoni
Simona Ghizzoni
I begun this project in early 2007 and during the years I visited over and over three different public centers...
The Taxi Driver´s Gaze
Fernando Gómez
My name is Oscar Fernando Gómez. I was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. I am now 39 years old....
Continuum by Roberto Huarcaya
Roberto Huarcaya
The series consists of nine images, the first five being of fetuses of increasing sizes in medical jars and the...
Old Dhaka
Munem Wasif
Puran Dhaka, or Old Dhaka, was a rather unlikely subject. For it existed all around me. I live here. It...
The Struggle
Laurence Salzmann
Laurence Salzmann usually photographs male environments, male worlds. One of his previous works is a reportage about a public bathhouse...
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