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A vision of Latin America
Peter Pfersick
This group of photographs is selected from a larger series that I have been working on for seventeen years. It...
Jim Stone
These photographs are the result of my own wandering, hoping to discover myself in others. I strike up conversations with...
Mexico City
Yolanda Andrade
These photographs are part of a personal project about Mexico City which will take an extended period of time to...
The Coffee Harvest
Marco Antonio Cruz
This essay, "The Coffee Harvest," is an overview of the Mayan indians, coffee harvesters in the State of Chiapas, Mexico,...
Eros in Virtual Space
Victor Flores Olea
Throughout history, technical advances have frequently determined the outcome of applied and artistic forms of expression. For example, the discovery...
Mixtecos: Norte / Sur
Eniac Martínez
For most of its history, a significant percentage of United Stated citizen shave viewed their border with Mexico as a...
Holy Saturdar
Francisco Mata
As part of the Holly Week celebrations in Mexico, the special ritual for Easter Saturday is: to get wet. It...
The Sword and the Cross
Diego Goldberg
I am a first generation Argentinean. I was born and raised in a country with a tumultuous history. Since 1930...
Bar El Chino
Humberto Farro
There is a tradition in Buenos Aires that will not die, that definately refuses to lose it´s identity and be...
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