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The invisible world
Xosé Luis Suárez Canal
In the Invisible World we encounter three mythic representations. The School Teacher by Magritte, the sculptures of Mario Giacometti and...
Barry Lewis
Atlanta, Coca-Cola city and home of CNN,was the host of the Centennial of the modern Olympics - the biggest in...
Women imprisoned with their children
Adriana Lestido
Argentina is one of the few countries where an accused or prosecuted women has the right to be with their...
Digital LandScapes
Dan Biferie
For the past twenty-five years I have been photographing church architecture in the United States. The church is where its...
Manuel Sendón
When in 1989 I was invited to participate in a group show on "Landscapes", it occurred to me that instead...
Stockholm Blues
Micke Berg
Everything is a matter of position. There are seats at the back of the bus and corner seats in the...
Stories from Bolivia
Daniel Caselli
You are asked to produce a documentary on the informal sector of the Bolivian economy; another on the peasants on...
The Mask in Mexican Politics and Culture
Lourdes Grobet
The mask occupies a very unique place throughout Mexican culture. It's not limited solely to festivities and religious celebrations. As...
Archangel, picturing dreams
Marisol Fernández
I was born in Mexico City of Andalucian father and Basque mother. I have been doing etchings, tapestry,...
Still Lives
Laura Cohen
November 4, 1995: Mexico City. All human beings try to express in some manner what they feel. That is the...
Black Earth
Maya Goded
This series began because I wanted to discover the land where my grandparents fell in love, where my great grand...


Gang Life in East L.A.
Joseph Rodríguez
I see Los Angeles as a post-modern Wild West where everyone has a gun and they use it. It is...
A country beside itself- pictures from Sweden
Lars Tunbjörk
"Good Is He Who Tastes Good" Text by GÖRAN GREIDER´S An emptiness permeates our cities, smaller towns and movies along...
The Study of Disciplines
Fred Langford Edwards
As a body of work, these constructed images relate to the principal studies of my early formal education. These were...
Studio Work
Seydou Keita
from 1949 to 1970 MALI The magnificent work of Seydou Keita first came to my attention when...
Chris Keeley
"I wanted to get the message out that any addict could get clean , stop using drugs and find a...
Delta Time
Ken Light
Everywhere the eye looks the fields lining U.S. Highway 61 are exploding with large bulbs of cotton. The air is...
Angeles Torrejón
Mexico City, January 1996 The first of January of 1994, the EZLN ( Zapatista National Liberation Army) took the towns...
Street Children in Mexico City
Kent Klich
Mexico City, 1986. I have just arrived to the largest urban center the world has ever known. A megalopolis of...
Huicholes and Tobacco
José Hernández Claire
The Huichol Indians are a very unique and united group who over time have kept their culture, traditions, religion, political...
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