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On the razor's edge
Gilberto Chen
To be seen as different from others has always been a way to emphasize looking to break the established patterns....
David Burnett
I first begin this project in the summer of 1995. The Atlanta Olympics were a year, away, and I knew...
At ZoneZero, we are interested in exploring issues related to photojournalism and how new technologies will come to usher in...
Hide and Seek, an archaeological excavation of memory
Diane Fenster
When I was a small child, I had a persistant interior vision of myself as looking out at the world...
Bill Thomas
"A man's work is nothing but the long journey to recover, through the detours of art, the two or three...
Grete Stern
Grete Stern, born in Germany had to flee from the Nazis in 1935 and went to live in Argentina. She...
Echo and Pentimento
Jeff Jacobson
One question I am often asked about this body of work is if it is digitally altered. The answer is...
Bert Monroy
I grew up in New York City where it is said people walk straight ahead and never let their eyes...
Frank Horvat
About myself: I was born in Italy 69 years ago, and I have been a photographer since the age of...
Joel-Peter Witkin
If photography is the art of fixing a shadow, glass is the medium that transfers shadows onto film. For Joel-Peter...
Buenos Aires, The dream of an agony
Sebastián Elizondo
Nine years ago I left Cuba, seeking a new homeland I did not yet know, Argentina. I had an upbringing...
Underwater Portraits
Bibi Calderaro
These underwater portraits speak of an apparent innocence: the pretended candor of childhood and the innocence of a gaze. ...



Secret Fauna
Various / Varios
Peter Ameisenhaufen was born in Munich on May 5, 1895, as the first child of the explorer, big-game hunter, and...


La Lotería
Various / Varios
La loteria is an old game of chance played throughout Mexico. It first became popular in the last half of...


Photographic Mexican Lottery
Jill Hartley
For many years, this American photographer who lives in France has been travelling throughout Mexico with lottery eyes. Her name...


Cosmological Lottery
Luis Delgado Qualthrough
The Cosmological Lottery, as devised by Luis Delgado Qualtrough, is a collection of found icons which represent essential natural and...
Meditations on Mexico
Mariana Yampolsky
Yampolsky's gift is finding within the common experiences of the people with whom she shares a life glimpses of something...
Argentina Pop
Marcos López
When I started in photography, I was focused on black and white work. Rollei's with two lenses, long shot poses,...
Niño Fidencio
Dore Gardner
Jose Fidencio Sintora Constantino was born in Guanajuato 1898 and lived in Espinazo, Nuevo Leon in northeastern Mexico. He worked...
Long live the little dead ones
A half-caste society, as Mexican society mixes pre-Hispanic and Catholic cults to com- memorate the dead ones. Nowadays it is...
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