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from South to North
Sabine Korth
Sabine Korth moves around the world with a light camera and with a map without borders. The camera is a...
Mexican Tarot
José Raúl Pérez
My first encounter with TAROT was a fortuitous one. A deck of cards together with a book landed in my...
Chiapas:The end of silence
Antonio Turok
I have been a photographer all my life and most of it I have worked in San Cristóbal de Las...
Fast Forward
Lauren Greenfield
Preface by Lauren Greenfield Los Angeles is where I grew up and formed many of my ideas about myself...
The Age of Illusions: Mexican and Mexican-American girls at fifteen
Anna LeVine
It is a Mexican tradition for girls to celebrate their coming of age with an elaborate party when they turn...
De fiesta
Raúl Ortega
Learn not to potograph was one of the teachings tha Raúl Ortega learnt from the indigenous. They prevented him to...
Sweet expectations
Alessandra Sanguinetti
In this portrait series I am attempting to capture the moments and attitudes that reflect the advent of behavior and...
Children bearers of AIDS
Helen Zout
Children bearers of AIDS Life for children with AIDS is very complex, they have an uncertain future, and a very...
Tatiana Parcero
My work starts with my biography and personal rituals of daily life. I explore sensations and emotions, which, even though...
Images from Havana
Pablo Cabado
I hold back time in a city where time already stood still. I walk these streets a million times from...
Truth in Crisis?
Michael Najjar
The Cuban painter Vicente Bonachea once said to me: the only thing Cubans take seriously is the absurd. Cuba...
Emiliano Thibaut
From Eduardo Galeano to Dauno Tótoro and Emiliano Thibaut Dear Friends: I don't write introductions, however this text...


Vigovisiones is the name of one of the best kept little secrets in the world of photography. This Biennial event...
Saints and Shadows
Muriel Hasbun
I come from peoples in exile. I became an adult with an extreme sensitivity to the irreconcilable... Since...


Sylvia De Swann
Five years ago I ventured to the almost forgotten region of my early childhood to retrace routes my family traversed...
Les Gitans
Lucien Clergue
The gypsies are part of my life. When I was a young kid my mother was telling me "if you...
12 12 12
The Guadalupe Basilica is perhaps the most visited catholic church on the planet, according to some, even more than Saint...
Chernobyl: ten years after
Georges Dayan
On the 26 th of April 1986, the reactor No. 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear station exploded, rocking the world...
Black Board
Martín Weber
This work arises out of the need to explore the field of human desires, to play out the every day...
Healing Waters
Linda Troeller
When I discovered the photographs of Linda Troeller I was impressed by their symbolic character. I knew that photography is...
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