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Tenguel, The Size of Time
Lucía Chiriboga
Tenguel, the size of time This story takes place in a gigantic piece of real estate of over 70...
Sex in Prehispanic Times
Judy De Bustamante
ECCE HOMO The Moralists Don’t Stand a Chance E.R. Beardsley In the late 1960s Pablo Picasso produced...
Mal de Ojo
Jorge Rueda
Self-portraits I was born in Almería, I am mentally ill. And because when I open my mouth or use...
Photographs 1966-1996
Anders Peterson
Anders Petersen has been involved in Swedish photography since the late 60's. He is one of its central figures, and...
Fortunate Grief
Diego Cifuentes
Normally, we human beings run away from pain, perhaps because we don't want to experience the hidden side of life....
Prison of Dreams
Vida Yovanovich
I was about to reach 40, and so much was moving inside of me… My mother had just been diagnosed...
Fragile Senses
Hiroshi Kamakura
1968 Born in Japan. 1992 Graduated Keio University in Tokyo B.A. in commercial science. For me there is a...
Maggie Taylor
Creating this work is a learning experience, which I begin with few preconceived notions about the look of the finished...
Judy De Bustamante
The fallen angel This photo was taken in the choir of a very old convent in Quito. When the...


Fragments from Reality
Jorge Lépez Vela
The work I present here is part of three portfolios built over the last eight years, whose titles are: Sierra...
Melanie Einzig
I am attempting to photographically map the environment of Midtown Manhattan as it manifests concepts of corporate order. The terrain...
Daniel Weinstock
Ever since I can remember I've always been obsessed, living mostly isolated for no apparent reason. I believe that these...




The New Americans - On the road, daily journal
Various / Varios
The longest border in the world where the richest nation on earth coexists with a very poor neighbor is that...
I Remember
Misha Gordin
For the last 30 years I have been involved in conceptual photography, where the idea or vision is transformed by...
Ghost Ships
John Will
In 1979 I bought the negatives that these pictures were printed from at a local resident's yard sale in Calgary,...
Mariana Méndez
"CIRCUM" is the result of a two year effort in Uruguayan circuses, and with already retired circus families.The emotion incited...
On becoming fifty
María Teresa García
Becoming fifty in my own personal experience, and I am certain in many women's, it is a time to reflect....
The Dream
Gerardo Montiel Klint
All this work is inspired on dreams, on how humans have confronted this state of mind since the beginning of...
Telling Stories
Mary Frey
I used to take photographs, now I harvest them. I used to make photographs, now I create them. My work...
Dallas Walter
Although this seems to be a rather innocuous statement, the creative challenge it presents is indeed quite daunting... especially if...
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