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Nostalgia for Atlantis
Yannis Konstantinou
Photography has entered the era of hybrid, analogue-digital forms, following the era of documentary and objective images. The hunt for...
My family has cancer
Osvaldo Ancarola
Why I photographed my family. This story begins when I was three years old. It was then that my...
Ross Sonnenberg
For the past eight years I have been learning to live with a chronic illness called Systemic Lupus. Lupus is...
Inner Japan
Peter Essick
From north to south the Japan Alps divide the island of Honshu. On the Pacific Ocean side is the Japan...
The Funnel
Jorge Sáenz
"Justice is like the spider's web, it traps the small bug but the big one breaks it"... José Hernández ...
Cristina García Rodero
I tried to photograph the mysterious, true and magical soul of popular Spain in all its passion, love, humor, tenderness,...
Eric Jervaise
Without any doubt, the panoramic photography has experienced a renaissance in recent years. It can be argued that this is...
On the Threshold of Reality
Paul Biddle
Some pictures are simple and complete inside my head from the beginning, but most of my images start with the...
Silver Sun
Joaquín Santamaría
Santamaría, born in la Antigua Veracruz in 1890, was a baker in Veracruz and in Coatepec when he was a...
Crazy Rhythm - The Mexican Community on the South Side of Chicago
Paul D'amato
When I was living in Chicago, I would photograph by simply driving around until I saw something I just couldn't...
Jacqueline Hayden
Since 1996 I have been developing my current work, Ancient Statuary Series. This work is based on creating digital composites...
Maruch Sántiz
In January of 1993 Maruch asked for a camera to use for the weekend. A few days later when she...
The History of Forgetting
Rommert Boonstra
My photography deals with things that you see out of the corner of your eye, things that disappear when you...
Between Ourselves
Mari Mahr
The first time I reached for my mother's photographs was in 1982 -she, in one of her early portraits, was...
Soviet Pollution
Gerd Ludwig
From Vilnius to Vladivostok, across more than eight million square miles, a beleaguered environment bears witness to a legacy of...
Other Realities
Jerry Uelsmann
I try to begin working with no preconceived ideas. Each click of the shutter suggests an emotional and visual involvement...


Con Game
Various / Varios
Babyface: A Times Square Odyssey Can we live without a baby face? All of us had one once. Now we're...


Fathers and Sons
Various / Varios
Let me introduce three men who wrote different letters to me: Dan Biferie from Florida, Shahidul Alam from Bangladesh and...
The Adolescent
Doifel Videla
Passage to adulthood is inevitable, but this fact doesn't exempt it from pain and incomprehension. Often, young people perceive this...
Good Memory
Marcelo Brodsky
When I came back to Argentina after living in Spain for many years, I had just turned forty, and felt...
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