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First Steps
Ricardo Gómez Pérez
It all began one day with a big scare. I wanted to have the first one and the scare came...
Rafael Navarro
To me photography is a medium. A medium that allows me to speak when I cannot find the words....
In our own likeness
Fran Herbello
I like to play with everyday elements creating new situations that break the usual way of seeing the familiar. I...
Love and Redemption
Joel-Peter Witkin
Joel-Peter Witkin has been called ‘part Hieronymous Bosch, part Chainsaw Massacre.’ His photographic tableaux, carefully arranged and painstakingly printed, offer...





Spirit and Flesh, Mexico's Sexual Revolution
Various / Varios
Parental or teacher guidance for viewers under 18. Let's begin, safely, with an idea. An idea about a cataclysmic fuck, Mexico's...
Mysticism, redemption, water and pilgrimages, a Northeastern Brazilian Drama
Christian Cravo
When a group of individuals, in conjunction, live in direct contact with hostile or extremely rich and dominant nature, such...
Out of a Time, a childhood memory
Tina Enghoff
This project is about childhood experiences and identity. When we leave the childhood something dies within us. First and foremost...
Evgen Bavcar
I was only seven years old when my father died. The most vivid memory I have of him is of...
A Day in Macondo
Hannes Wallrafen
Hannes in Macondo By Gabriel García Márquez I have always had great respect for readers who go off...
Sodom and Gomorrah
Alessandro Bavari
No one knows anything about Sodom and Gomorrah. The only evidence that Sodom and Gomorrah actually existed has been handed...
The Blind
Marco Antonio Cruz
When I first started out as a photographer, I took a picture of three blind street musicians in the city...
Voyeurism used to be a bad word, suggesting a furtive pursuit at once desperate and prurient, if not outright pathetic. Now...
Ephemeral Beings - A Dark Eros
David Moore
The work in this exhibit represents selections from two bodies of work: Ephemeral Beings and A Dark Eros. Ephemeral...
Everyone's Word, Mazahua's Words
Jesús Quintanar
This project is an attempt to understand by way of the photographic image the influence of migration, be it temporal...
The Camera Obscura and the Unicorn
Carlos Jurado
The present age cannot be imagined without photography. There is almost no human activity in which images are not handled,...
Jorge Rueda
Confession Trained nowhere. My "creative path" is a painful chaos full of irregularities, contradictions, repetitions and inconsistencies, I neither...
Argentinians - Portraits from the end of the millenium
Clarín is Argentina's most important newspaper and has the largest circulation in the Spanish language. In 1999, just as almost...
Very Similar
Frank Horvat
There are some women's faces on which my glance likes to linger - sometimes in spite of myself, and for...
Land of the free - What makes Americans different
David Graham
These are pictures about people who feel free and at liberty to express themselves. Some of these expressions are subtle,...
Things that don't want to die
Pablo Garber
Things that don't want to die, objects which resist being discarded. Be they useful or useless, new or old, purchased,...
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