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Tetsuya Tamano
Tamano Tetsuya Developed this body of work during his residency at Fábrica, Benetton’s communication research and development centre. When asked...
Steve Pyke
I think it was a great privilege in a way to be witness to an event in history, that wasn't...
Faith, a journey with those who believe
Mike Abrahams
Life is full of contradictions. God listens to those who speak to him in Arabic on Fridays, Hebrew on Saturdays...
Aníbal Angulo
i quote, from my new novel “fantasmas aztecas”: “...women are imaginary beings, related to the manticore, the hypo griffin, the...
The Inner Gaze, Photographic Workshop of Guelatao
The Inner Gaze
Guelatao de Juárez is a Zapotec community, with nearly one thousand inhabitants, located in the Sierra de Juarez, an hour...
Avenue of the Americas
John Lucas
Ana Casas Broda
I began this work in 1988, fourteen years ago. I was captivated by my grandmother’s photographs and each time I...
Living in the Desert
Jerónimo Arteaga-Silva
The first images of this photo-narrative were taken in 1998 as part of a short reportage on the conditions of...
Photographic Representation
King Tong Ho
I chose street theatre in Hamilton as the subject of this project because street theatre is a constructed, manipulated and...
The Absence
Santiago Porter
On July 18, 1994, at nine fifty three in the morning, a bomb exploded in front of the building of...
A Dog's Life
Gerardo González
Cholula is still a small town where everyone rides bicycles. In spite of being just a few kilometers from the...
Vieques, Chronicles from the Calvary
Héctor Méndez Caratini
"...When it seems that all is over, everything begins again. Nature is renewed. The World is reborn. The Earth is...
Berlin 1999
Guillaume Zuili
Berlin 1999 is a central part of an ongoing project about memory in Europe, namely in cities like Moscow London...
Invisible City
Effie Fotaki
The specific photographic result does not represent a particular existing city and, to be more accurate, it is not a...


Joseph Rodríguez
Smoke and ash billow into the sky after the last of the two Twin Towers of the WTC collapses into...
The Imaginary Construction of Social Reality
Héctor García
Héctor García: The Imaginary Construction of Social Reality by Alejandro Castellanos The idea of Mexico as a modern...
Jens Görlich
I can still recall the impression I had when I visited California for the first time: It seemed to me...
Tonatzin-Guadalupe | Volume II
Were are refering to centuries ago. Something happened in El Tepeyac on December, 1555 if we are to believe in...
Of Absence and Oblivion
Mario García Joya
I got started on this project because I felt I had something to say about a certain theory on the...


The Artist and the Photograph
Joan Fontcuberta
A few years ago, midway through 1994, I had the idea of organizing an exhibition that would show the incursions...
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