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Mexico 1910 - Commemorating a Century of Independence
Eugenio Espino Barros
Introduction by Esther Angélica Villareal Espino Barros. -author´s grand daughter- Eugenio Espino Barros y Rebouche. was born on October...
Mexico, Panoramas of the 21st Century taken with a Camera of the 19th Century
Eric Jervaise
My interest in working with a panoramic camera evolved from my admiration of the book Praga panorámica (Panoramic Prague), by...
Tonantzin-Guadalupe. A day with Her
Fifty Mexican Photographers
"Tonantzin-Guadalupe - A Day with her" Is the collective unpublished work of 50 mexican photographers, who gathered together in 1992...
Girl Culture
Lauren Greenfield
Mirror, Mirror… by Lauren Greenfield Girl Culture has been my journey as a photographer, as an observer of culture,...
Vee Speers
I didn’t choose photography, it chose me. My Dad had a makeshift darkroom in an old caravan in our Australian...
Our Culture is Our Resistance
Jonathan Moller
Between 1993 and 2001 I worked as a human rights advocate and free-lance photographer in Guatemala, principally working with indigenous...
Photos of you
Inés Ulanovsky
As a child, pictures of the disappeared drew me in a misterious way. Whenever I say them at a demonstration,...
Ay Dios
Diana Blok
Ay Dios is the result of a four-month journey to the island of Curacao. In 2000 I was invited to...
At the Foot of the Sky
Mario Mutschlechner Ñundeui
As a young German photographer I travelled in late 1967 to several Mixtec Indian villages in the vicinity of Pinotepa...
Familiar Ground
Rafael Goldchain
Familial Ground is an autobiographical installation work that includes digitally altered self-portrait photographs, reproductions of pages from an artist's book,...


Pinhole Photography
Pinhole Photography
The photographs that make up this exhibition were presented in the context of the First National Encounter of Pinhole Photography,...
Jacob Wrestling
Stephen Childs
Jacob Wrestling is a series of images conceived as an allegorical narrative. It involves elements of personal experiences, memories, as...
Destination Lujan
In October 2001, a group of six students of the Master in Journalism (offered by Columbia University, San Andres University...
Remembering Father
Hugo Cifuentes
Hugo Cifuentes, was a very enigmatic figure. A great photographer, a highly recognized painter and graphic artist, known mainly in...
Mobile Phones
Martin Parr
This project shows people talking on mobile phones all over the world. There is no escaping this modern phenomenon and...
Offbeat Japan
Manuel Rocha
This exhibition is the result of seven months of work in Japan. I lived there from August 2001 to April...
Women of Clay
Marcela Taboada
I wish to show the faith of the women from this small Indian village of southern Mexico, be an eyewitness...
The dying artist's statement: Waiting For The Past
Dominic Rouse
The dying artist's statement: Waiting For The Past He opened his sewered mind unguardedly And rats the size...
Prisoners of our own devices
David Stock
Are those shining condos on the hill a science-fiction utopia or an arrogant disaster? Is that pretty wilderness calendar an...
Remember Sarajevo
Roger Richards
I was on the floor when it exploded in a shower of concrete and glass only a few, yards away....
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