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Jen Davis
In this body of work, I deal with the insecurities associated with my body image and the direct correlation between...
The rabbit is dead...
Kenia Nárez
In the 19th century, one of the main discussions in biology was whether the characteristics of change could be handed...
Home Stills
Bastienne Schmidt
This is a three fold project about female gender roles and identity refracted through popular culture. Photography, drawings and film stills...
Staying Vertical
Ashton Applewhite
For several years I’ve been working on a project called Staying Vertical, about old age in America. I began by...
Eyes, Wings and Roots
Mariana Rosenberg
In August 2010, I participated in the Eyes, Wings and Roots Project of CONACULTA (National Council for Culture and the...
The only thing that would be different would be you
Stefano Giogli
The idea of dealing with the content of Teenager through photographs emerged as a challenge against those who ...
In the place of coincidence
Various / Varios
Crime reporter Enrique Metinides has spent over 50 years photographing crime in Mexico City. Discovered by a photographer from the...
PICNIC | Mexico DNA competition
The series consists of nine images, the first five being of fetuses of increasing sizes in medical jars and the...
Between Worlds
Polixeni Papapetrou
Between Worlds is a theatrical bestiary. Though in a sense absurdist, the children in these photographs are portrayed as animals...
Elaine Ling
Out of the arid and infertile regions of Africa, Madagascar and Australia, the Baobab Tree grows to a gigantic size,...
POPPY | Trails of Afghan Heroin
Antoinette De Jong Robert knoth
In the 21st century, globalization has opened up the world for better or for worse. While we all celebrate the...
Daniel Weinstock
There is something magical about the characters that people Daniel Weinstock’s work. hey may have been drawn from a hallucinogenic journey...
Lost Child
Ilán Lieberman
The 100 drawings that comprise this exhibition are identical to photographs published in the press; yet they are not reprints,...
Nancy Newberry
MUM is centered around a gift-giving ritual virtually unknown outside of Texas, the Homecoming Mum. he game of football is...
Six Nahua Glances In A Single Eye
Six Nahua Glances In A Single Eye
Chikuasen tachia lismej itech sayoj se ixtololo / Seis miradas nahuas en un solo ojo es el resultado de un...
Your Steps were Lost in the Landscape
Fernando Brito
Becoming part of everyday life, violence has reached unimaginable levels. A series of mass murders have made society immune. Violence...
Violence in Mexico
Rodrigo Cruz
My work shows scenes and situations of people in their daily lives from the field of documentary photography.
Mummy Dearest
Marion Sosa
The following images explore the relationship between mother and daughter, questioning the mother’s narcissistic impulse to propagate her genetic matter...
Jennifer Hudson
Baptism is a personal, intimate exploration of a young woman´s journey through the life altering experience of spiritual re-awakening
M for Michoacán
Carlos Álvarez Montero
When you think about migration, you usually think about the people that leave or stay rather than those that return....
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