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The Writer's Place
Eder Chiodetto
WRITERS, THOSE LIARS By Eder Chiodetto At about the age of nine while reading Meu pé de laranja lima...
Fair of Senses
Marcelo Correa
Fair of Senses is an investigation of the use of color in photography through the genuine Brazilian culture. The project...
So close, so foreign, so own, so distant
Leonor Solis
I live in strange times, everywhere is filled with contrasts, almost simultaneously; I can see places with the highest technologies...
Artifacts from the Vernacular Urban Landscape
Peter Calvin
"The artist’s task is not to alter the world as the eye sees it into a world of aesthetic reality,...
The Days After - A topography of terror
Johannes Hepp
The series "The days after" shows daily life in a new era of terror, referring to the movie "The day...
Susana M. Dobal
The World of Susana Dobal Landscapes of Brasilia. Domestic places. The super-quadras (residential blocks) are part of the secret...
The Black Hours
Patricia Aridjis
A photographic essay of women in prison. By Patricia Aridjis. What would you do if I mugged you?- Natalia asked mischievously. -You...


The Re-Invention of a World. The Binet Project
Various / Varios
The re-invention of a world Constructing a document is sort of appropiating an intimate space inhabited by a remote memory, which...
Casa de Bamba
Bruno Veiga
By Juan Travnik The use of photographic essays as a way to tell stories visually, consolidated during the golden...
Tonatzin-Guadalupe | Volume I
Were are refering to centuries ago. Something happened in El Tepeyac on December, 1555 if we are to believe in...
Postcards form Paradise
Anders Clausen
The Power of the Photographic Image As a professional photographer, I have often taken photographs of that diverse group...
With the eyes of the other
Clarissa Borges
Clarissa Borges demonstrates in her photography works, her preference for operating with a second “reality”, with the effects of a...
Francoise and Daniel Cartier
Roses An exhibition by the artist couple Françoise and Daniel Cartier Featuring a wealth of illustrations, this exhibition...
New York Blue
Pontus Charleville
This project is about showing what I, as an outsider, see and get confused about in a society that differs...
New York City, The Year After
Santiago Bustamante
New York City: The Year After is a photographic project about the psychological and behavioral consequences of the 9/11 attacks...
Zona Zero
Numo Rama
Life is a probing of mysteries where the universe of dreams and chimeras caves in under our realities, causing a...
Mexican Popular Imagery
Enrique Soto
Most of the photographs of sign paintings (Rótulos, in spanish) that make up this exhibition were taken in the Puebla...
Base Imprints
Davida Kidd
The content of my artistic practice, for years, has addressed themes of domination: the psyche by the dream or ideal,...
Michael Dozortsev
Life is a picture; destiny’s brushstrokes are its sole painter. People are as different as their destinies- yet all...


Brahmaputra, a Journey to one of Asia's Greatest Rivers
Shahidul Alam
It started from alonging to cross other boundAries. Reaching across boundaries of time, across boundaries of political space, across racial...
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