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Tainted Tea
Munem Wasif
Maybe just a word, and yet words have their own tales. Picturesque plush green fields, healthy livestock grazing, and that...
Winslow Martin
Armenia is a mountainous land of strong, passionate people. In the early part of the Twentieth Century, Armenians suffered the...
Somewhere between Faith and Fever
Guy Veloso
The pictures of Brazilian Guy Veloso show the frantic search for the sacred. The photos were taken in different religious...
Baixo Estácio
AC Junior
Located in the Estácio District, near the Sambódromo, Baixo Estácio is what remains from the old Praça Onze. Its architecture...


Dear Monsieur Picasso
Frederick Baldwin
As I drove up the high winding road to the Villa la Californie, I thought back over the last few...
Now and Then
Maggie Taylor
For more than eight years now I have been using a flatbed scanner instead of a traditional camera to record...
Pepe Guzmán
EXPLORATION is a work regarding the practice and criticism of Photography and how it is produced, distributed and consumed, but...
Franco Donaggio
I see the metropolis as a space in which to play, a large supermarket where you can shop with your...
Breast Cancer
Katharina Mouratidi
For the series Breast Cancer I portrayed 22 women, all of whom I found through the placement of short advertisements...
Photographs from California, France and Spain
Beth Yarnelle Edwards
Sometimes, I’m so interested in what’s going on with people in their homes that I want to know what’s in...
Bed Sequence
Lili Almog
Bed Sequence establishes a dialogue between photography, gender and history, with an awareness of the current state of mass media...
México Tenochtitlan
Francisco Mata
One of the greatest pleasures my craft has given me is, without a doubt, the experience of the streets, our...
Katrina-Tsunami, Remnants after the storm
Wyatt Gallery
Hurricane Katrina I’m on the plane returning from my second trip photographing in New Orleans and I feel depressed....
China 1979-2005, Asian- Americans
Pok Chi Lau
Coming to America After doing this work for over 30 years I am lost for words as for a statement...
Cuba chronicles
Elaine Ling
In Cuba, an island caught between the grandeur of old world glory and the decay of the immediate epoch, I...
Cuba-Mexico, Parallel Stories
Giorgio Viera
Mexicaltzingo, Rebel Territory. At the heart of the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, we find the old quarter of Mexicaltzingo; nowadays...
NY-NY Not your New York
Pablo Garber
“I have known New York in several occasions, each time in a different fashion either as a tourist, a student,...
"I Want to Tell You" Reflections about Cerebral Palsy
Enrique Villaseñor
This is a documentary project that started in 1980 and was published in December 2004 at the Galeria de Fotoperiodismo...
Jean Marc Caimi
“There’s a crack in everything, that’s where the light comes through”. Leonard Cohen. These photographs of kids taken during...
The City of Galvez
Oscar Guzmán
The line that divides the real from the imaginary is more imaginary than real.... The images of the City...
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