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Pictures in the Time of the Culture Wars
Les Krims
For a time in the States, growing criticism of liberal culture’s strident agenda offered signs that the left was quivering,...
The remains of the day
Daniela Edburg
I like to work standing on the edge of things, where we can see their contradictions. That place where we...
Abu Ghraib
Giuseppe di Bella
Defiant Exclamations Art that seeks to expose the reality of our contemporary political situation is increasingly being quashed by authorities...
Raskols of Papua New Guinea"
Stephen Dupont
In 2004 Stephen Dupont infiltrated a Raskol community to document the individuals behind the facelessness of gang warfare. His Raskol...
The Mexican Suitcase
Trisha Ziff
I returned from a short trip to New York in January 2007 with a project to find a Ben Tarver...
Family Tree
Pablo Meyer
FOREWORD It was early 1998 when I got a letter from my uncle Conny Meyer and my uncle Roger Meyer....
Soul Mates / Grand Women
Gaby Messina
Soul Mates Following her success with Grand Women Exhibition, Gaby Messina presents her new work, Soul Mates. A series of...
Maxiatures / Persian Delights
Soodi Sharifi
I have included two concurring bodies of works 'Maxiatures and Persian Delights' which continuously feed off and compliment each other...
Rhopography / Species
Joachim Froese
Rhopography 1999 – 2001 Rhopography refers to the Greek word rhopos, meaning trivial objects, small wares, trifles. This old fashioned...
The Smelly one
José Luis Cuevas
I stay at the bar, alongside two other alone strangers. I see Nora and La Chihuahua and greet them in...
Urban Archeology / Close to Heaven
Ernesto Ramírez
Both works explore the tracks and nooks of Mexico City. Urban Archeology examines the ruins and the city waste to...
The gaze of 45 mexican photographers
The gaze of 45 mexican photographers
Prelude With the historical heritage of the glorious ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations, having been influenced by the modern and contemporary...


Hecho en Latinoamérica - Revelation, Uprising and Fiction
Hecho en Latinoamerica
Three decades have passed since the First Latin American Photography Colloquium in 1978, it can be seen nowadays as an...
Eight Lives, between risk and hope
Diego Goldberg
How can you talk about the suffering of others, of grave illness, of extreme depravation? Numbers are meaningless for most...
The Congolese Sape
Héctor Mediavilla
The arrival of the French to the Congo, at the beginning of the 20th Century, brought along the myth of...
American Stripper
Charise Isis
For the last twelve years, I have worked on and off in the world of exotic dance (strip clubs). It...
Night Chicas
Hans Neleman
“Night Chicas” is an anthropological tour through a damaged landscape of various Guatemalan prostitutes. Photographer Hans Neleman travels over the...
Camino Real de Tierra adentro
Eniac Martínez
El Camino Real started as a fragile footpath four centuries ago. Spanish explorers etched it deeper during their expeditions northward...
Tibet 2004 -2006
Gilles Perrin
“Our work is not about pleasing, nor is it about harming anyone” (Albert Londres, foreword of “Terre d’ébène”) “Every photographer must...
Faith in Chaos
Pep Bonet
"If they could have gotten their hands on God, they would have killed Him too," Sierra Leoneans say about the...
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