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Nicaragua, 1978-1984
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Wendy Watriss On November 4, 1978, the Saturday supplement of the Mexican newspaper Unomásuno devoted pages to...
Migrants in the United States of America
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Néstor García Canclini From the almost 5,000 images that Pedro Meyer accumulated from the early 1980s to...
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Martin Lister The entire collection of images tells a story. But when it is composed of 28,000...
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Elizabeth Ferrer "A large part of Pedro Meyer’s photography has been shot in Mexico, his home since...
Mixteca, Through the People of Rain
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Déborah Dorotinsky Alperstein For several months in 1991, Pedro Meyer traveled through the Mixteca Alta, in the...
Portraits, Once There Was a Face Attached to a Body
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio The abundance of digital and analog photos that Pedro Meyer has created throughout his...
Miguel de la Madrid, The Gaze of a Presidential Campaign
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Alvaro Vázquez Mantecón The great “libretto” to contextualize Pedro Meyer’s photojournalistic coverage of Miguel de la Madrid’s...
Avándaro, 1971
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Rogelio Villarreal Three years after the 1968 student movement, there was still no official response from the...
1985 Earthquake, Events that Shape History
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Mariana Gruener On September 19, 1985, at 7:19 am, an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale...
Commissioned Work, Sad Visual Universes
Pedro Meyer
Curated by José Antonio Rodríguez Since some fifty years ago, Pedro Meyer has been doing photographic work for a...
Celebrating Oil
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Alfonso Morales Based on the notion of time as a social institution, Alfonso Morales proposes the existence...
Another Theory of Relativity: "Truths and Fictions"
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Jonathan Green By the end of 1990, Photoshop was in Pedro’s computer, a 40-MHz Macintosh IIfx, the...
Explorations of the Image
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Vicki Goldberg Pedro Meyer has passed through this milieu of constant enquiry: “Meyer’s ‘explorations’, as he refers...
Traveling in the Digital Age
Pedro Meyer
Curated by Patricia Mendoza. Like awakening to another day is a “predictable meeting with the unpredictable,” Patricia Mendoza’s text...
Zone Zero, From to Analog to Digital
Pedro Meyer
Essay by Mark Haworth Booth On January 23, 1996, Pedro Meyer published the first issue of ZoneZero on the...
Hsu Sheng-Yuan
Hsu loves being on the move. He holds his small camera and bag, beaming as usual, surrounded by lots of...
The Wedding
Kattia García
Our inherited social and cultural conventions mark our children’s birth, baptism, sweet sixteen parties and weddings as significant events of...
Natives of Northeast China
Wang Fu Chun
I really think that Wang Fu-Chun is a typical Native of Northeast China. Both his face and his work represent...
Holy Ashes
Olivier Boëls
Holy Ashes is the black and white readings on photographer Olivier Boëls and anthropologist Lena Tosta’s experiences with Hindu ascetics. Lying...
The Charm of the Countryside
Zhang Huibin
Over two thousand years ago, the first poetry collection, The Books of Odes, were written in Central China, the very...
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