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Created Equal
Mark Laita
In America, the chasm between rich and poor is growing, the clash between conservatives and liberals is strengthening, and even...
Mobile photography creates a new paradigm in the production, dissemination, consumption and evaluation of the photographic image, which, since its...
Gray Dawn
Robert & Shana Parkeharrison
The ParkeHarrisons construct fantasies in the guise of environmental performances for the protagonists of their images. The artists...
Donald Weber
Interrogations is about a place where justice and mercy and hope and despair are manufactured, bought, bartered and sold; a...
Sochi Singers
Rob Hornstra
Novomikhailovsky, RUSSIA, 2011 - It's common for Sochi restaurants (and eateries throughout the country) to feature singers who, night after...
Criollo Subrealism
Marcos López
Criollo subrealism does not necessarily have anything to do with surrealism. In the same way as Latin Pop does not...
The Two Headed Horse
Mariela Sancari
After my father’s suicide when we were 14 years-old, the lives of my twin sister and my mother, as well...
Thomas Devaux
Thomas Devaux has authored several complex and ambitious series. In each of them one can find a subtle but strong...
National Highway
Melba Arellano
The National Acapulco-Zihuatanejo Road has been a symbolic place in my life for various reasons. A day before I enrolled...
The Flower Women
Eunice Adorno
There, in the middle of highways like labyrinths, i met the first women: mysterious and silent, in the shade...
The Gingerbread House
Roberto Tondopó
Exploring the universe of my family allows me to re-visit the past, if only for a moment, as if in...
I Photograph to Remember | 20th. Anniversary
Pedro Meyer
I think that the most legitimate resource a human being has, that which determines who he is, is the ability...
Miracles and Co.
Joan Fontcuberta
In the mysterious region of Karelia, formerly a border territory disputed by Finland and Russia, stands the Valhamönde Monastery. Practically...
Cuba | Inside - Out
Sven Creutzmann
All the photos in this portfolio were taken over the past 23 years in Cuba. But they were not taken...
Acts of Faith
Fernando Montiel Klint
I propose an ironic reflection on faith in these times. Increasingly we are a selfish and solitary society, dependent on...
Photographing the Mexican Revolution
John Mraz
The Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920 was one of the most-photographed social struggles in history. This book tells the story of...
Life is not easy
Eniac Martinez
In 1993, I was asked to participate in a group exhibition called Lesa Natura staged at the Museum of Modern...
Gerda Taro | An Unusual Woman
Fernando Toledo
Lecture delivered by Fernando Toledo during the 4th Fotográfica Bogotá on 11 May 2011 The topic, Testimony and Vision: beyond reporting,...
Grace Quintanilla
I think that the most legitimate resource a human being has, that which determines who he is, is the ability...
On the move
María Teresa García
We move constantly as we are in a continuously dynamic state inside and outside of our bodies. Our cells change,...
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