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The "Labyrinth of Light", was the highlight exhibition during ZoneZero's Tenth Anniversary Colloquium held in Mexico City. The exhibition consisted of most of the 8000 images that are at present in ZoneZero, these were organized according to some major topics such as: "All Wars", "Urban Landscape", "Sex", "Peace", "Our Diversity" and in turn these were accompanied by music which were in synch to the mood of the images as organized by our staff in ZoneZero.


The kaleidoscope of images that came into being was breathtaking, as the combinations of images that emerged kept the viewers enthralled for hours with a seldom repeating iterations of pictures.


The viewers were faced with the experience of not only viewing the images as one would on the computer screen, in the sense that the materiality of the picture was not the main concern; but that the viewers were walking within the pictures as if they were bathed by these. In other words, one could walk among the images themselves.


The exhibition was much like the experience we seem to have with the images as we deal with them at our conscious levels in the mind, or in our memories, as well as in our dreams. Pictures are not neatly set up in our brain to be seen as in a Gallery exhibition, but are a multi-layered and complex in their organization. They come up from all directions, and they are not always relevant directly one to the other.


Such was the experience that we tried to put together through the exhibition of the Labyrinth of Light, that the pictures that we show here give a good reference to this very exciting presentation which seems to be the first of its kind. At least the diversity of imagery, which took no less than ten years to collect (hence our tenth anniversary), from over 700 photographers from all around the world, assured us that something like this was certainly unique. We thank the photographers, who made all this possible.


Every one of the photographers in ZoneZero whose images appeared in the Labyrinth of Light was credited on this wall.


Pedro Meyer



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