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© Pedro Meyer 2003


As soon as someone dismisses any new tool for taking pictures as just a toy, someone comes along, or in this case not only someone, but many, and prove that indeed there are many reasons to consider such tools as very useful for all sorts of creative purposes. If in the next 12 months there are going to be 50 million camera phones being handed off to people all around the world it is hard to imagine that we will not end up having a plethora of really great new images and ideas derived from their use.


ZoneZero, wants to be in the forefront of such changes, so please let us know of projects you have or have seen that are worth publishing. For your reference we have made links to two projects presented by ShowStudio in the UK.



Alice Hawkins


The Female Gaze: photographer Hawkins asks her sitters how they would like to be represented to their lovers for her two-week residency, using picture phones.



mlb Mark Lebon


Photographer Mark Lebon uses his month-long residency to conduct a personal portraiture project, using a picture phone as his camera.




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