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The writer Carlos Monsivais talks about the book being presented in homage to Alvarez Bravo.



Fourth Mahler Symphony at the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Lisent audio
(QuickTime Audio 336Kb)

Audio of the orchestra and public engaged in singing "las mañanitas" in honor
of Alvarez Bravo, right after the concert.

Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Manuel Alvarez Bravo as he prepares to cut his birhtday cake with 100 candles


manuela alvarez bravo 100 years

Among the hundreds of photographer present: (from left to right)
José Hernández Claire, Hector García and Sebastian Salgado,while Enrique Villaseñor
chooses to photograph instead the pretty legs of the girl standing next to him.


Go to the article: "Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Ironizing Mexico" by John Mraz




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