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Written by Pedro Meyer   



editorial 3The great challenge that all of us face on the internet - both you the viewer and us the content providers - is to constantly question what we are doing in order to approach this new medium with renewed perspectives.

For the first time, we have a medium that allows you the opportunity to establish an interactive dialogue with the artist without having to know them previously. Only in very rare instances has in the past such an opportunity arisen, for example when the artist actually met with his or her audience at an opening, and even under those circumstances the usual shyness of people would make such an encounter less than satisfactory.

Now we have a new way to communicate with the authors as never before, each author offers his or her e.mail addrress ( when they have one) right there in their exhibition space. Now you the viewer can express his or her views on that which is shown with a great deal of ease and in turn GET A PERSONAL RESPONSE. You can ask questions, you can explore issues, you can give feed back of what you liked and what you didn't, you can in short order create a dialogue which under normal circumstances would have been very hard to come by.

We understand this is a new approach of doing things, which actually tends to enrich -for all parts concerned - the artisitc experience. We are sure that the artists will respond to your letters. We would like to encourage as much as possible for you to explore this way of dealing with exhibitions on the internet. We feel that in doing so we are contributing to alter the very way exhibitions are understood and will be managed in the future. No longer do exhibitions have to be statements going in only one direction. From the artist to the viewer. We urge you to take advantage that a new road has been created, and the traffic flows in both directions.

You will observe as well, that in ZONE ZERO we do not offer any of the artists' CV (Curriculum Vitae). We do not think that this is necessary in order to appreciate their work. If the images are good and important to you then that is all that matters, if they aren't, no impressive CV would alter such a perception. We consider that if you want to know more about the artist you should write to them directly, a novel way of dealing with this. By excluding the CV's we are also leveling the playing field, the only thing that counts is the work itself. Not a bad proposition,we think.

You will notice that we have also made some changes in our navigating choices to select exhibitions. As their number has expanded and will continue to do so, we felt you needed to have various options in order to reach the material you want to see. We hope that our changes prove to be beneficial to your experience.

Pedro Meyer
April 1996




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