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Written by Pedro Meyer   


This coming September (1996), ZONEZERO will have been operating for one year.

What started out as a one person project has grown beyond our wildest dreams, essentially because of you the viewers coming to visit us, and therefore the photographic community wanting to share with you their work. Arguably a case could be made, that you have come because there is so much good work to be seen here.

Presenting us with the classic "chicken or egg" situation. Good work invites viewers, and good viewers invite good work. So there you have it. We have been visited by people from the following countries over this period of time:

Argentina ; Australia; Austria; Bahrain; Belgium; Bermuda; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; Costa Rica; Czech Republic; Denmark; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Guatemala; Greece; Hong Kong; Hungary; Iceland; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Korea, Republic of; Kuwait; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Malta; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Portugal; Russian Federation; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; Soviet Union; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan, Province of China; Thailand; Ukrainian SSR; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America; Uruguay; Venezuela.

With such intense traffic, and the world wide web getting slower, we have decided to start operating a mirror site from Paris. This service will allow many who are closer to that region to get a faster connection. We are at present putting the final touches on the technical details to make that happen. All the initial tests have proven that this effort delivers the increased speed to our European viewers. The new address will be made public as soon as everything is ready.

Very soon you will find that we will be providing both sound and video projects related to the projects we have been presenting. We are slow in doing so as it's very difficult to find work that goes beyond the "gimmick", the gee whizz! Of it all. We thus have been waiting to find content driven use of such tools ( sound/video/animation/ on the web) , rather than the reverse. For example, to just have video, for the sake of it, somehow doesn't excite us.

Several important aspects of ZONEZERO have so far taken a back seat. We have invested all our energy and time into developing the content and design of this site. Advertising and the Store where we hope to offer some interesting services to you the viewer have been left until we had a solid structure in the area of content. We feel we are coming closer to that goal, leaving us now with the potential to develop those aspects which will give ZONEZERO the needed continuity over time.

Best wishes,
Pedro Meyer
August 1996
Allow me to introduce the people that are making your ZONEZERO possible.

Pedro Meyer



Enis CastellanosJonathan ReffPhilipe and Oliver

Elias Díaz









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