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Written by Pedro Meyer   



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This has been a particularly exciting period getting ZONEZERO off the ground, and learning what works and what doesn't. What is needed and what is not. For example we thought that making this site bilingual [English -Spanish] actually was of some value to our visitors and readers. It turns out that in the first mailing we sent out with information on ZONEZERO, our offer to send a translation in Spanish was only requested by four people.

This number is so low that it points out to a basic fact on the web: the English language is understood by most. It probably also tells us a lot about the socio-economic background of most of those reading this and who make up this world wide web. The fact they are connected to the Internet in the first place is because they are more or less fluent with information that has come to them in English.

It certainly makes for less work not to translate into another language, particularly when so few people are actually looking at the texts we have in Spanish. Before we make our final decision to present ZONEZERO only in the English language, we would appreciate hearing from you about this matter (your comments will be published here). We certainly are saddened by the low level of interest for the Spanish language, as expressed here on the Interent. After all, languages express cultures.

Pedro Meyer
January 23, 1996





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