Nicaragua, 1978-1984
pM15_en.jpg Curated by Wendy Watriss

On November 4, 1978, the Saturday supplement of the Mexican newspaper Unomásuno devoted pages to Pedro Meyer’s coverage entitled “Ernesto Cardenal on the Gospel amidst M-1 Rifles.” The newspaper continued to give
Meyer “a daily platform to report on the war” in Nicaragua, at a time it was covered “only superficially by the mass media” in Mexico.

Recalling those times, Pedro commented to curator Wendy Watriss: I went there when I was 39 years old. I had just begun to devote myself fulltime to photography, and I had never worked or published anything in a newspaper. I had never done that type of professional photojournalism . . . Why Nicaragua? It was an important political story, a revolution or insurrection. I wasn’t convinced that the photographers who were covering it were doing a good job, so I decided to face the challenge myself. Of course, this was connected with my own ideas. If I had lacked any political consciousness about what was happening there, I would never have gone to Nicaragua.

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