Avándaro, 1971
pM8.jpg Curated by Rogelio Villarreal

Three years after the 1968 student movement, there was still no official response from the Mexican government to October 2 or demands for the democratization of public education. These were the reasons for the student march of June 10, 1971, which were again violently repressed.

“The government continued its war against young people,” observed curator Rogelio Villarreal. Then how could a rock festival like the one held in Woodstock (1969) have taken place only three months after June 10? Given the radicalization of one part of those young people, who formed Marxist guerrilla groups in response to the repression, and the naiveté of others barely out of adolescence and coveting a wish to be revolutionaries, without any clear ideological or political program, authorities perhaps agreed to the idea of the festival to ease social and political tensions.

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