Explorations of the Image
pM3_en.jpg Curated by Vicki Goldberg

Pedro Meyer has passed through this milieu of constant enquiry: “Meyer’s ‘explorations’, as he refers to his digitally manipulated photos, could well be images accompanying stories of lost texts... fairy tales for adults” that “reconfigure the world” in an appropriate way for this time, whose visual interactive quality makes ordinary life seem abore. Therefore, many of Pedro’s explorations are “the everyday search and seeing what is ours” (such as the photo of the man who looks out behind spectacles that seem to have been erased by light); in finding the decisive moments, but also in creating them to make their “fictions” more real. So at times “his work is strange because it is not strange enough,” and consequently, he poses almost ontological questions: “how close is this to reality?” and “can we trust our eyes?”

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