Zone Zero, From to Analog to Digital
pM1_en.jpg Essay by Mark Haworth Booth

On January 23, 1996, Pedro Meyer published the first issue of ZoneZero on the Internet. “He thought that directing an online magazine, on the one hand, would offer a bridge between analog and digital photography, and on the other, that it would keep him up-to-date due to the constant flow of technical innovations in the digital era.”

Eleven years later, Mark Haworth-Booth brings to mind what ZoneZero has been since then: Meyer’s desire to fuel the field of photography and his mission to question our notion of “truth” as a representation of reality, which he has achieved worldwide with his thousands of pages in English and Spanish. In 2006 alone, this online publication received 156,575,334 hits. What museum or book could reach such a huge audience? And so, it is no surprise that ZoneZero won an internet award from Encyclopedia Britannica, for example.

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