Hsu, Sheng-Yuan

by Hsu, Sheng-Yuan

Hsu loves being on the move. He holds his small camera and bag, beaming as usual, surrounded by lots of beautiful girls (he calls them "strangers") from his life. This guy has been on a Long March of photography for the past several years, and shows no signs of tiring.

Hsu is always pathologically happy and infectiously enthusiastic, but sometimes his photos and words can break your heart. Some people must be genetically predisposed to explore the frontiers. And Hsu is the one. He is an impressive photographer, a comic cliché in a thousand films with his eyes intense behind thick, black-rimmed glasses. Yet he is unfathomably profound -the genius among geniuses who discovered, merely by thinking about it and click the shutter, that the photo is not as it seemed. Hsu is weaving stories for us, maybe also for himself. But he commands us all to use fantasy as a lens through which to examine our world and ourselves. Well, are you ready for this.

Steven Shiau

Hsu, Sheng-Yuan

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