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Written by Astrid Rodríguez   


Portraits of Time is a three-part work in which I narrate my own story, using photographs to represent three generations: my daughter, my mother and myself. We are permanently linked to art, sharing a similar passion and way of life, and the landscape symbolizes freedom of thought, soul and spirit, allowing each of us to express herself, speak, flow and live.


To carry out this work I used two entirely different kinds of cameras: a stenopeic one and an iPhone. I gave the photographs a square format and fused and manipulated them digitally, to represent a parallel in time whereby years ago there was only analogue photography, but now iPhone exists. So I mixed both techniques and cameras, merging the past with the present, portraying time itself…


astrid 01 sastrid 02 sastrid 03 s

Comments (2)
  • Carl  - Excelente
    Me encanta, interesante, muy buena idea, la interpretación de tres generaciones y cada una en su individualidad relacionada con una actividad que le apasiona
  • cisco  - come on
    you can have all of the academic blah blah you want, but if you take and present boring and mundane images with little or no relevance it is all just, fiddle faddle.
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