Sochi Singers


As a photographer I tell stories in the form of documentaries. With my photography I try to raise questions about the society in which we live. It is a challenge for me to allow people to question their ideas and prejudices. In my documentaries I combine portraits with interiors and landscapes. My aim is that each image makes an intrinsic contribution within the documentary, but can also hold its own as an autonomous image. The photo is not so much a recording of a place or person, but an archetype of that place or person. My goal is that the image becomes timeless as a result and stands as an example for a larger whole, whereby the viewer is forced to make their own interpretation of the image. I am convinced that this has more effect than images that already contain all the answers.


Novomikhailovsky, RUSSIA, 2011 - It's common for Sochi restaurants (and eateries throughout the country) to feature singers who, night after night, rely on a fixed repertoire of Russian chansons. The term background music is a foreign concept to these performers (often the volume is cranked up to 11) and instead of talking, patrons dance and sing.


Rob Hornstra


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