Roberto Tondopó

Either the well was very deep, or she was falling very slowly; for she had plenty of time, as she went down, to look around her and wonder what would happen next.Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.

The Gingerbread House
by Roberto Tondopó


Exploring the universe of my family allows me to re-visit the past, if only for a moment, as if in a sort of flashback, that yearns to find hidden meaning and raises questions that amplify my own present reality. Thru this personal process, I relate to the genre of psychological thriller and those films that use physical space to represent an emotional state. I find the metaphor of the sinister alluring for its mysterious ways as it reminds me of a strange time, associated with physical and internal changes of great intensity.


In this project, I document fragments of my niece's and nephew's lives (Andrea and Angel) as they gradually leave childhood behind and inhabit a new space where features of their own infancy and adolescence coexist, as they struggle for their individual independence and the construction of their own identities, together with my own projections of my own personal story.


I like to go back to that moment in time where I had the same age as Andrea and Angel, and use this as a pretext to make an analysis between reality and fiction. By grouping together their experience and my own, I attempt to reconcile a rupture in my own story, and to reunite the vision of a young boy and the perspective and insight of an adult. And thru this to finally find a means of expression of unconscious drives from the past where I try to mix secret happenings, fiction and the document with scenes in which there is a mixture of direct information and enigmas, so that the image can be the threshold of a story waiting to be told.



Lapsus or Freudian Slip

Lapsus (Latin word whose original meaning is slip), currently alludes to any error or involuntary mistake by a person; in this sense one also speaks of a “Freudian slip.”

The term lapsus or parapraxis is defined as a manifestation of the unconscious in the form of a mistake that appears in conscious expression. The explanation given by psychoanalysis in general lies in the surfacing of what is repressed (generally produced in moments of stress, anxiety, worry or attention deficit) when conscious repressions are relaxed.


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