I Photograph to Remember | 20 Anniversary

"I Photograph to Remember is hard to imagine in any other medium. Meyer's minimalist narration heightens the relentless drama of his pictures an the tension of his story... A universal work."- Rolling Stone

Artistic vision expressed via modern technology, I Photograph to Remember pioneers a new medium expression. Using the computer and CD-ROM technology to combine almost one hundred black-and-white photographs with spoken narrative and music, Pedro Meyer has created a work that is at once a moving documentary, an extraordinary collection of photographs, a personal reflection, and a recounting of the passion and commitment uniting a family. This inspiring work reveals, with poetic grace, the "complicity of tenderness" forged and strengthened among three people — Liesel and Ernesto Meyer and their only son, Pedro—as they faced, together and as individuals, the universal issue of mortality.

Text extracted from the 1991 CD-ROM box as published by VOYAGER • NEW YORK

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