Fernando Montiel Klint

Acts of Faith
by Fernando Montiel Klint

Believing in a superior being or in a religion is not necessarily the path towards illumination.

Introspection can also be a way to contemplation and individual liberation. I am talking about a moment of inspiration in which the infinite reveals itself, in other words, a mental climax. I am interested in the endless, the essential, that which transcends the earthly.

Faith replaces logic and becomes an eternal, circular act.

I propose an ironic reflection on faith in these times. Increasingly we are a selfish and solitary society, dependent on technology and with less and less time for introspection. We live in a world oversaturated with images, videos, audio, etc., leading us to a surfeit of information, shortening the time we have for free thinking.

I think in one part of society we breathe a certain air of fanaticism and there is a constantly greater need to be connected virtually all the time.

I am interested in creating stories that could come from the minds of these individuals in a state of concentration who inhabit these timeless spaces and atmospheres within a world with their own symbols. All wishing for total freedom.

I create individuals in search of a balance, of a state beyond good and evil.

In a world craving for immediacy, my aim is to make silent, timeless images within the visual sea we live in at present.

Fernando Montiel Klint

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Comments (3)
  • Juan Zurita H.  - Destino
    Pensando y actuando sobre lo insondable de la vida.
  • ileana carvajal aguilar  - imágenes metafóricas
    creo que cada imagen tiene su toque humorístico, en cuanto a la vida misma. y es que como personas hemos dejado atrás la fé, sin embargo en esta galería se ve reflejada la fe en fotografías metafóricas. en este caso, creo que hay mensajes subliminales en cada fotografía, ya que dejan la misma imagen a segundo plano, y cumple a primer instancia con su función: el de trasmitir comparativamente con una idea, un mensaje al publico.
  • edgar garces  - ok
    me gusta el dejo de humor de este trabajo, a la final es mejor reirse de uno mismo. un saludo
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