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Result of the workshop by Mariana Rosenberg


In August 2010, I participated in the Eyes, Wings and Roots Project of CONACULTA (National Council for Culture and the Arts) by giving a children’s photography workshop for 16 boys and girls in Hueyotlipan, Tlaxcala.

For a week, the participants photographed their environment with analogous cameras every day. Teaching photography not as an end but as a means gives a child the tools to be able to discover the power of his vision and freedom.

By editing photographic sequences, they managed to create personal histories that discovered subjective ways of seeing in terms of a genuine visual narrative.

Each individual experience combines with collective work that makes it possible to find out about the social and cultural environment of a community.

For years I traveled throughout Mexico photographing various communities and attempting to move away from a folkloric, anthropological point of view. As a result of the teaching experience I obtained by giving workshops in Guelatao, I realized that the best way to get closer to a population through photography is by giving the locals cameras.


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