Remember Sarajevo


Remember Sarajevo
by Roger Richards

The shells began raining down as the sun was rising. I was in the middle of one of those early morning dreams between sleep and wakefulness when the first round came in, a sound like a train locking up its brakes while going at top speed.

I was on the floor when it exploded in a shower of concrete and glass only a few, yards away. My companions in the room at Bosnia TV-Radio, a Spanish television crew, had not heard the round coming in, but were instantly awake after the explosion.

Remember Sarajevo

"Remember Sarajevo" by Roger Richards. Copyright © 2004 by Zonezero.



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  • jonathan  - publishing in the UK?
    Dear Sir,
    Are there any plans to publish this in The United Kingdom? I very much hope so.
  • Zana Zmiro  - Thank you
    Thank you can't wait. to start to read
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