Blue Eyes Essay PDF
Written by Miguel Ruibal   

I am worried (or at least concerned) about the issue of the transition from the "real" world (let's call it that to simplify things) to the virtual world and vice versa. It is a two-way process in which we are increasingly involved and define ourselves as active users.

I was wondering how to describe an initial event in which this circuit became effective in the sphere in which I move, namely artistic creation. It was then that, during a long distance train journey in a sleeper car that I put on a mask, the kind they give you in planes to help you get to sleep by keeping the light out. I kept the mask without really knowing why and once home, I started experimenting with this slightly mysterious mask. Photos, mirrors, sketches and eventually, "blue eyes" painted on the black surface of the mask. As a result of my professional training, I tend to think in drawings. In one of my notebooks, I gradually outlined an idea: a "real" mask on a train to León and thence to Terrassa/Barcelona to be turned into a pdf file accessible from the Internet, and then printed and turned into a "real" mask in who knows how many places in the world and then used in a mobilizing/creative/photographic exercise and finally, grouped together to take the shape of an exchange between curious people, geographically distant yet interacting in the same "region" of the Internet that was being developed.

So here is the result of this first real world/virtual world/real world project. (Click image to visit the site)




Thank you for participating and sharing your work with us!


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