María Teresa García


by Maria Teresa García
Quito, 2008


We move constantly as we are in a continuously dynamic state inside and outside of our bodies. Our cells change, our minds and relationships change, our skin and appearance change, our environment evolves; our surroundings having a life of their own and are constantly being built or decayed. We are finite.


And we carry with us all that we have gathered or appropiated, what we have experienced, what we have lived, as we have shared ourselves wherever and however we inhabited. We are just that, a mountain of moving instants that take and give, all connected to the universe and to our inner selves.


Moving could be traumatic if one is conscious of it, it is “normal” if one is not. In moving we integrate with a world that never stops, never ceases to regenerate, death and rebirth is in it and in us just like the inner self that each one of us possesses.


Mind/soul moving could be a state of alienation living in one place while inhabiting a different one.. We choose and carry all those elements that are important to one’s heart and mind to realms that are unknown even to the most intimate. Mind moving starts much earlier than our realization as humans, when we inhabit the womb and long to be born.


Soul moving takes form as an act of one’s survival as an anticipation to the act of physical moving; we become alienated to the physical surroundings and in an act of urgency, the departure is nothing but inevitable as it is at the end.


Thus, we are, Thus we move...

María Teresa García


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