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Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo

International Image Festival

First Edition: Environment

May 19 - 29, 2011

Pachuca, Hidalgo




One idea, One Notice.


The International Image Festival (FINI for its acronym in Spanish) is a space of encounter to promote, spread and appreciate artistic creation and graphic journalism, technology and communication, classic ideas and current esthetic, debate, the meanings and values of images in this diverse genres, expressions and applications.


With universal vocation, open to México and the world, the FINI is inscribed in the best tradition of culture, scientific and technological knowledge promotion, a substantial element in the mission of public universities in our country.


In the framework of the fiftieth anniversary of the Universidad Autónoma de Hidalgo, the FINI has been conceived by its Trust as one of its first and most important projects, with two purposes: to strengthen and enrich extension and cultural spreading efforts; and to generate funds to provide support and better conditions to the university's community, always pursuing the rise of academic quality.


In its first edition, 2011, the FINI's main theme is the environment and, therefore, the shared responsibility and global challenge to attain sustainable development. It is about showing the relevance and the strength of image in the appreciation and preservation of our natural surroundings, through artistic creation, journalistic denunciation, publicity and techonological innovation, among other expressions of sensibility and human intelligence, whose transforming capacity is the most powerful tool to stop environmental depredation and to successfully confront threats against our planet and its biodiversity.


The FINI is, thus, an idea an a notice to the encounter of images and creators, techonological innovation and the debate of ideas, and of everyone -children, young people and adults- interested in enjoying the fascinating universe of visual culture.



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