Home Stills Life


Home Stills Life
by Bastienne Schmidt

This is a three fold project about female gender roles and identity refracted through popular culture. Photography, drawings and film stills are used as mediums to the reflect the ambiguous enmeshing of women’s roles in popular culture.


In the first part large scale drawings take a look at female domestic gender roles and identity. Commercial photography from the fifties and sixties are used as a source of inspiration. They show a life at home of women in different poses of domesticity.


In my drawings silhouette like figures create a sense of ambivalence and irony through a process of layering.


The second part consists of series of staged self portraits photographed around Long Island.The photographs are quietly posed in public and private settings around Long Island ,such as Laundromats, Beauty Salons and other people’s homes. The housewife becomes a “Zelig“ like creature that has the innate ability to blend into a different environment. She seems to be ready to step out of the frame like a female hero out of a Wim Wenders movie, Inspired by painters such as Hokusai, Sigmar Polke and Edward Hopper this work takes on a social context of a world of suburban fragmentation and loneliness.


The third component of this project consists of movie stills. Through the process of photographing particular domestic scenes from TV screens through a layer of semitransparent fabrics, embroideries and drawings gestures ,that are indeed borrowed gestures, are being redefined and reinterpreted. Every day live scenes are found in movie scripts, that reflect types of behavior in female and male relationships determined by stereotypical views of a particular period of time .The chosen stills show women being preoccupied with domain things such as washing the dishes, and smoking, being in conversation, driving cars.


The book "Home Stills Life" is publish and it is distributed by DAP.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/01.jpg

    1/33 | 2004. Looking out the Window. Samos. Greece.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/02.jpg

    2/33 | 2004. Hopper's Light. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/03.jpg

    3/33 | Selfportrait

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/04.jpg

    4/33 | 2004. The Staircase. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/05.jpg

    5/33 | 2005. Hokusai and the Flower. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/06.jpg

    6/33 | 2005. Julian's Lego. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/07.jpg

    7/33 | 2004. Children's Toys. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/08.jpg

    8/33 | 2006. Vacuum Cleaner. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/09.jpg

    9/33 | 2006. Taxes. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/10.jpg

    10/33 | 2008. Wrapped Photographs. Samos. Greece.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/11.jpg

    11/33 | 2004. The Hotel Room. Amarillo. Texas.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/12.jpg

    12/33 | 2009. Philippe's Photographs. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/13.jpg

    13/33 | 2009.The Money Counter. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/14.jpg

    14/33 | 2004. Morning Breeze. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/15.jpg

    15/33 | 2009. The Laundry Jetty. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/16.jpg

    16/33 | 2004. Thrift Store in Patchogue.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/17.jpg

    17/33 | 2004. Telephone in Hotel. Sayville.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/18.jpg

    18/33 | 2004. Shopping Mall. Sayville.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/19.jpg

    19/33 | 2009. Swearing-In Ceremony. Islip.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/20.jpg

    20/33 | 2003. The Flower Coat. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/21.jpg

    21/33 | 2005. The Lamp. Shelter Island.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/22.jpg

    22/33 | 2005. Paravent. Shelter Island.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/23.jpg

    23/33 | 2005. The Pool. Sagaponack.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/24.jpg

    24/33 | 2006. Barbeque. Key West.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/25.jpg

    25/33 | 2004. The Tree Farm. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/26.jpg

    26/33 | 2005. Green House. Sagaponack.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/27.jpg

    27/33 | 2006. Walking Away. Amarillo.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/28.jpg

    28/33 | 2009. The House. Bridgehampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/29.jpg

    29/33 | 2005. Aquarium. Paradise Island.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/30.jpg

    30/33 | 2004. Staring Bear. New York.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/31.jpg

    31/33 | 2004. Strong Woman. Samos. Greece.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/32.jpg

    32/33 | 2007. The Water Tower. Southampton.

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/schmidt/photos/33.jpg

    33/33 | 2009. The Wood Stack. Sagaponack.


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  • arafat hossain rasal  - photogharpher
    This is photo painful for homeless.
  • yasmin  - wey
    hola es un asco
  • Kassi Balsbaugh
    Hello there,

    I find your work absolutely beautiful. I was contacting you to ask what camera you use to shoot with. Are you currently still working on this series, or are you contemplating a new body of work? Overall I am extremely captivated by your work because of your use of color. Thank you for sharing!
  • Alejandra Chaverri  - Bravo
    Esta serie de fotografía por B. Smidth nos presenta una profunda exploración a las controversiales posiciones que confrontan las mujeres diariamente. Es fantástico. La artista ha logrado comunicar la tensión, frustración, y ultimadamente las acciones en una serie fotográfica con una estética consistente y poderosa. Son raros ejemplos de una seria tan bien presentada como la de Smidth.
    Una obra de gran profundidad. Gracias por compartirla.
  • Andres
    Alguien sabe donde puede verse fisicamente esta exposicion? Lo que se ve por aqui me gusta mucho.
    En cierta manera tiene algo que ver con la convocatoria Arte y Vida de la fundación telefónica.
    No se si le habeis echado un ojo, está aquí http://bit.ly/m06Vgo
    Yo creo que puede dar pie a que salgan obras bastante interesantes!
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