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Written by Ele de Lauk   




I did not regard it as an affront to women. On the contrary, I was filled with a sense of joyful celebration, a feeling of exultant sisterhood. I thought it was wonderful that she, the wise, rigorous philosopher, should reveal herself naked to the photographer who captured this amusing gesture of the body, the hands creating the usual chignon, the high heels giving the photo a naughty, transgressive air. There are no mysteries, none of the mysteries men insist on creating in order to reduce women to mere objects, as she said. Thus, with no embarrassment, beautiful in her imperfect nudity, with the attraction born of self-assurance, Simone shows us the possibility of enjoyment without explanations or moral scruples, combining the model of a thinking woman with that of a sensual, daring woman who does not hesitate to be in command of her own life.






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