Marion Sosa


Mummy Dearest
2007 - 2008


The following images explore the relationship between mother and daughter, questioning the mother’s narcissistic impulse to propagate her genetic matter and the female instinct to attempt to understand oneself through one's mother.


As soon as the female being begins to question her status, awareness of her identity is increased and the concept of femininity comes into conflict. The lack of fit between one's own identity and mythical character, prescribed by the family, in this case, the maternal figure, creates an essential instinct for survival, where the female being perceives that it does not correspond to the expectation of who she should "be".


There are two possible results for this initial questioning, as an individual: either the female entity rejects the family model and assumes the guilt that this involves or, more often, takes on the obligation of adapting to her circumstances by meeting the demands imposed by her family nucleus, replacing the conviction to simply be and denying her own identity. The female entity acquires acceptance, approval and a sense of belonging in exchange for her identity. My question here is: if the daughter loses her identity, what happens to the mother's identity? 


In this project, I sacrifice my own identity and surrender to the obligation of being someone I am not. I question individuality, sanity and family co-dependence, where, together with my mother, I become a subject fearing the repetition of the same pathologies.

/Marion sosa


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