M de Michoacán

M for Michoacán
by Carlos Álvarez Montero

When you think about migration, you usually think about the people that leave or stay rather than those that return. Jacona, Michoacán is one of several cities that have been transformed by the influence of the United States through its inhabitants. On their return from their search for the American dream, they bring back new tastes, fashions, and habits they picked up during their stay in the US.


M for Michoacán portrays the importation of gang culture by some of its inhabitants in the San Pablo district and adjacent zones where for generations, necessity has turned the Michoacán-California route into a habit. This means that many of these migrants, whether by choice or circumstance, have become involved in gangs. On their return, they have brought the habits they learned with them, re-signifying them in their own setting so that they can be adopted by the upcoming generations.


  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/01.jpg

    1/29 | Marks of the Burrera gang

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/02.jpg

    2/29 | Michoacán tattooed on Pelos' back

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/03.jpg

    3/29 | A homie doll in Jimmy's bathroom

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/04.jpg

    4/29 | Horse with gang marks in the background

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/05.jpg

    5/29 | Rika and her girlfriend

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/06.jpg

    6/29 | George pushing Jimmy in his wheelchair

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/07.jpg

    7/29 | Eme

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/08.jpg

    8/29 | Emiliano Zapata

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/09.jpg

    9/29 | The Brothers

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/10.jpg

    10/29 | Mayra, Mexican pride

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/11.jpg

    11/29 | George

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/12.jpg

    12/29 | Armando López

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/13.jpg

    13/29 | Jesús going up in flames

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/14.jpg

    14/29 | Burrera member

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/15.jpg

    15/29 | The 18

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/16.jpg

    16/29 | Virgin of Guadalupe mark

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/17.jpg

    17/29 | López showing his flick knife

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/18.jpg

    18/29 | Jimmy "El Pinto" López

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/19.jpg

    19/29 | Johnny López

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/20.jpg

    20/29 | Cruisin

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/21.jpg

    21/29 | Pachuca

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/22.jpg

    22/29 | Sacred Heart 33

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/23.jpg

    23/29 |

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/24.jpg

    24/29 | El Pelos

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/25.jpg

    25/29 | Jimmy "El Pinto" López at home

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/26.jpg

    26/29 | El Gordo

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/27.jpg

    27/29 | Lowe Rider Bike

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/28.jpg

    28/29 | Pit Bull

  • http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/alvarez/photos/29.jpg

    29/29 | Tania


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  • Juan Pablo Cardona
    Se nota mucho trabajo previo de confianza para haber logrado tan buen resultado, Saludos
  • joseph rodriguez  - Zonezero remains a vital source for us
    Thank you Pedro for keeping projects like, the Violence essays out there in the world.
    Joseph Rodriguez
  • joseph rodriguez
    Big Respect. Good work! Michoacan is the life's blood for much of the culture that many up north are not familiar with.

    Joseph Rodriguez
  • roga
    la vida michoacana tal cual es.
  • Itzayana
    Felicidades me gusto mucho.
  • Itzayana
    Woo :)

    conozco todos los lugares que mencionaste
    y algunas fotos las tomaste en la presa de la luz verdad?
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