Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island
by Rob MacInnis

My panorama, Prince Edward Island, is constructed using hundred of photographs of farm animals taken in Prince Edward Island in September of 2007. This piece represents the community of working class farm animals in Canada’s smallest province.


This photograph utilises the function of the panoramic photographs of the past. The panorama represented a cross section of our society in it’s entirety at a certain time and place, and overcame the constraints of the traditional frame – in order to literally widen Photography’s scope. As the most recent addition to The Farm Family Project, my large-scale panorama depicts the blue-collar workers of the animal kingdom.


Prince Edward Island blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy, past and present. The viewer is asked to reconsider both the role played by these animals, and the historical significance of the panorama. By referencing a now extinct form of photography, and resurrecting it anew, I make a memento of the soon to be forgotten.




Rob MacInnis’ work is included in the permanent collections of institutions such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; The Nimoy Family Foundation; Citibank and the Canadian Association of University Teachers. He recently received grants from Arts New Brunswick and a Public Art Commission from the Edmonton Arts Council.


The artist would like to thank The Edmonton Arts Council, ArtsNB, the Koberinski/Babineau family, Jess Cooper, and Matthew Clowney for making this project possible.



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Comments (2)
  • LuNegra
    Ya me gustaría a mi saber como consiguió que posaran todos estos animalicos.

    Me gusta!
  • Juan de Jesús López  - Chevere...

    Buena combinación de dos técnicas, la foto panorámica y la fotografía de familia... precisamnete por eso, hasta me atrevería a decir que hay una ligérica crítica a la venerable institución por el paralelimos entre rebaño y familia, entre domesticación y sociabilización.
    El desarrollo técnico no me lo imagino pero es, como dicen, un verdadero reto poner a posar a varias gentes, y más si son así de vacunos.

    Saludos y salud!!!
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