June 17th: Go, Diego, Go PDF
Written by MODERN MC   




I am very fond of Diego Goldberg's “Arrow of Time”, photo art and ritual. Whenever June rolls around, I think of this family and I'm later compelled to visit the Arrow of Time site just to see how they are doing. The photos tell over 30 years of this family's story. You watch everyone change and age--and even get married and have children.




Although I love Diego's work of art, I always get a little anxious when it is time to check in on them. I fear the day when one of the family members is not there. It's interesting how you can care about people that you don't know.

Anyway, I admire Mr. Goldberg's perseverance to continue this project year after year.




These dolls were made by Mary Colleen Eld of Silver Acorn.


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