Veronika Marquez


by Veronika Marquez


Camilla, while still a teenager, travelled around the world working in what some refer to as “the world’s oldest profession”. She’s still not sure if she made the right decision but the fact is the person she is today was shaped by those early life experiences.


“Camilla who I was a few years ago.
Camilla was my working name.”


Today, as a photographer, I reconcile with my past, showing the best of myself then, and this new person who, even in the darkness, always saw the light.



The Process


I always thought that the process would be long, but that there would be an end; until I realized that the process is the transformation of changes without an end.


I worked as a prostitute from a very young age; it wasn’t the only thing I did, but without being completely conscious, my life revolved around it.


Leaving my past behind, I decided to become a photographer, as if my previous life had never existed.


But it was photography that led me to search for my lost identity.


In my early work interpreted other women, but now it was time to know myself.


My work revolves around "my other life", with this other "me". Coming and going through time, with thousands of questions and the occasional answer. Suddenly, a light came on and “Camilla” was born, a project that I still work on, where past and future can “naturally” share the same space.


The beginning of this project was the beginning of my own acceptance of myself.


In my photographs, I represent what I am today and what I was before.


The fact of representing Camilla again, myself in another time, has allowed me to see with clarity that we are all representations, a sum of characters that, either consciously or unconsciously, we are continuously choosing in order to define ourselves as people.



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