Roberto Huarcaya


The series consists of nine images, the first five being of fetuses of increasing sizes in medical jars and the last four of my nieces and nephews, myself, my father and my grandfather submerged in a large jar, and the same size as the fetuses.


The proposal developed from an almost magical encounter with an old pathology building, with a 80 square meter area of wall-to-wall jars of organs and fetuses. The place had been used as a path lab until the mid-1970s after which it was closed and abandoned, remaining unchanged for over 25 years.


In an attempt to structure this experience, the fetuses photographed are complemented by members of my family photographed in the same setting, as a continuum of the life cycle, from gestation to old age.


Concepts such as fragility, death-life, continuity, pain, living space and limits are depicted in the photos in the series. Jars with fetuses and live human beings mark the passage of time on the human body. They provide a scientific perspective from the fiction of the finitude of personal or familial human existence and the illusion of the immortality of the species.


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Comments (4)
  • Luis Angel Pinasco  - Fotógrafo con F Mayúscula
    Roberto Huarcaya es un famoso fotógrafo peruano que tiene muchas series de gran calidad. Dotado de un gran sensibilidad ha abordado muchos temas que demuestran su gran habilidad para mostrar una gran variedad de imágenes que retratan descarnadamente el alma humana. Felicitaciones a Roberto por su magnífica trayectoria que enorgullece a la fotografía peruana.
  • gonzalo  - woe, wow, wow!!!
    wow estan increibles las imagenes un exelente trabajo, no hay mas palabras solo un QUE GRAN TRABAJO!!!
  • L. L.

    Very original I feel!

    L . L.

    Toronto, Canada
  • Vladimir Baier  - Amazing series
    Roberto I know, that everyone is telling you the same compliments, I find the series really impressive and highly motivating for me.

    Could you please give me more details in terms of how long did it take you to process the images and if it was hard to force your family to join ?

    Thank you and good luck, Vlado
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