Dont wake me


Don't Wake Me
by Beso Uznadze


"The past is not dead.In fact, it's not even the past..."

William Faulkner



This series of photographs covers a particularly difficult period of my life. It begins in August 2008 with the outbreak of the war in Georgia and includes the death of a friend; my mum's struggles with cancer and coming to terms with the feeling that life is passing as I reached 40. It also includes a journey back into my childhood and the daily experience of living both in two different cities: London and Tbilisi.



"Don't Wake Me" expresses the harshness of these years and the desire to escape into dreams and memories.



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Comments (8)
  • Norman Shapiro
    Very nice photographs of people. But I wonder why you go with a soft image for your landscapes? Seems at odds with your beautiful people images.
  • Giovanni  - Great work
    Great, superb, poignant work.
  • Giovanni  - SUPERB WORK
    Great, poignant, impacting work.
  • Lado
    Fantastic work, the whole thing is just amazing!
    A photograph is not just the result of an encounter between an event and a photographer; Picture taking is an event in itself ... (S.Sontag)
    and I almost can imagine the dark apartments in Tbilisi with models and Master busy with Sontag'esque picture taking!
  • Beso Danelia  - Beso Danelia
    So cute and exciting!!! Congratulations Beso!!!
  • alexi
    mokled agfrtovanebuli var, ra ferebia,ramxela saidomloa,rogor gansxvavebuli xart kvelasgan
    didi madloba
  • erika segura  - no me despierten
    . me encanto.
  • Romina
    Great work!...I enjoyed it very much.
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