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Written by Pedro Meyer   


Pedro Meyer


Dear friends,

"From the lightscreen" is our new statement, and it substitutes our previous one: "from analog to digital". We believe that the transition from analog to digital is now an accomplished objective.

15 years ago we set ourselves the goal to guide our fellow photographers thru this transition. Along the way, in this decade and a half, not only has our forecast been consistent with events, but now even we were surpassed by the the speed of the changes that occurred.

For a year now, we have been working on the internal architecture of, to adjust to the new tools available for programming, to social networks and in re-organizing the contents in our site. We have also decided to include changes in design and even in our logo.

For us, the commitment to make all these changes demanded we not leave out any of our pre-existing galleries. We have respected their original design, and thus contribute to recording a history, albeit a brief one, of how photography was presented over these 15 years, on our site.

Zonezero is probably the oldest content oriented photography site on the web. As you can imagine, technology has changed very much, and it has been an incredible challenge to migrate all our contents so that you can appreciate them in their original form through your lightscreens.

The process is not completely finished (we don't think it will ever be, but at least this is a pause along the way). We plan on publishing new areas within the site, and do so gradually over the next 90 days. We will also introduce a new topic every two months. We hope these are of interest to you.


We invite you to take a look at your new site. Read and see the vast universe that is available for you. We would also like to hear back from you, please share your comments with us.



Best regards,
Pedro Meyer

Coyoacán, Mexico, February 2010



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